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    People credited with this qualification will have the skills to plan an RDA programme for a rider, and evaluate and amend the plan; plan a series of RDA sessions for a group of riders; prepare for, conduct, and review a series of therapeutic RDA riding sessions for a group of riders; ride a horse at different gaits on the flat and over 50-60 cm fences; lunge a horse for training; select and train a horse for RDA purposes, and manage stress in RDA horses; care for a horses paddock, and care for paddocked and stabled horses; analyse horse feed and stable horses. People will also have knowledge of the procedure for bringing a horse into work after a spell and letting down; recognise signs of good health, ill health, common ailments, and lameness in horses; recognise, manage, and treat problems of performance horses in consultation with the veterinarian; and identify plants, grasses, and trees which are potentially poisonous to horses, and describe methods of removal.

  3. Antoniorew

    It feels soooooo long since Ruby got to learn with Gypsy, to grow in confidence, and to get strong. Making people wait is awful. Ruby wants to improve her horse knowledge and skills, get stronger, and learn to solve problems Thanks to the kind support of people like you, riders like Ruby can enjoy regular RDA therapy sessions at any one of our 55 local venues across New Zealand.

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