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Using RDA Learning

We hope you enjoy our online courses. The information below should provide you with the information to get started with our courses.

Pick a course

Browse our course list to find something that you’d like to learn about. We have courses in a diverse range of subjects and are always adding more. Courses vary in length.


Register an Account

If you have not completed any courses on RDA Learning before you will be invited to create an account.  You can do this by completing a short online form.


Coaching Pathway

Some courses are linked to the RDA Coaching Pathway.  These are designated by the “coaching” tag in the to right hand corner.  Although they are linked to the coaching pathway they can be completed by any volunteer with an interested in this subject.

Mark Complete

Throughout the courses you take you will see button labelled “Mark Complete” . When you have read a section and completed all the activities be sure to click this button which will allow you to move on. If you find at any point you are unable to move on check each topic and lesson for “Mark Complete” buttons that you may have missed.




Many activities will include a scenario, a moment to pause and check how well you’ve understood the key points from the previous video or activity before moving on. The scenarios are not scored, you can enter text as to how you feel you would react in this situation before clicking “check” and clicking again to “show solution”.  The text you enter is not saved.


End of Course Quizzes

End of course quizzes are scored. These count towards your overall mark and are designed to test your knowledge.  If you answer all the questions correctly you’ll have completed the course.


Completing the Course

When you’ve finished your course, if you’ve met the requirements for a certificate, you’ll receive a digital certificate which you are able to print to help demonstrate your learning.


Choose the Next Course

Learning is infectious: we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the RDA Learning experience so much, you’ll have signed up to another course before the first is even finished!

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"Since I have been volunteering with RDA it has opened my eyes to how everything can and should be. It has taught me so much, that's why I love RDA"

James Wiseman - Park Lane RDA