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Explore Horses At RDA

At RDA we recognise the central part that horses and ponies play in everything we do. There are 3,419 horses and ponies at RDA and each horse plays a key role in enabling RDA to deliver our services. It is vital that those working with horses understand how to do so safely and to ensure their welfare.  This course provides a basic introduction to horses at RDA.

What Topics Will You Cover?

You will cover topics on the day to day care a horse needs, a basic introduction on how to work with horses safely and how to maintain the health and welfare of horses at RDA.

What Will You Achieve?

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

Who Is The Course For?

This course is designed for all RDA Volunteers who may be involved in working with horses or ponies during an RDA Session.  It is also one of the volunteer modules on the coaching pathway.