Coach Reflection

Reflecting on ourselves and our environments is a healthy and adaptive practice in supporting growth and development. Taking the time and effort to focus on positive introspection is a really useful activity to help make sense of actions and thinking.

To help stay on the right path with self-reflection, the RDA coach ‘reflection cards’ have been developed to be used in groups or individually. Each reflection card has a series of questions that help take coaches through a simple reflective cycle. The questions are to start your reflections and there may be more that arise as you reflect. It is important that the reflection concludes with some form of future action.

The cards have a focus on different aspects of coaching within the RDA including:

  • Reflecting on my performance following a coaching session
  • Reflecting on relationships in coaching
  • Reflecting on my Impact
  • Reflecting on my goals and aspirations
  • Reflecting on my strengths and progress
  • Reflecting on my own wellness when coaching
  • Reflecting on my general coaching activity

You will notice that the cards focus on strengths rather than deficits and ask more “what” questions than “why” questions. “Why” questions can highlight limitations and stir up negative emotions, while “what” questions help with curiosity and thoughts about the future.