Warming the Horse Up

Before we get the rider on, we need to make sure the horse is ready and warmed up. During this warm up the horse will start to move better and will also become familiar with the arena or field you are in, as well as you and the volunteers around them.

It is important to walk the horse out with the tack on, without a rider, prior to the session. This allows you to spend some time getting to know the horse, talk to him, assess if he is calm, loosen him up and check that he is sound.

Below are a few activities you can do in this time in order to prepare you and the horse before his or her rider arrives:

  • Walk on the left rein and the right rein
  • Walk to trot and trot to walk transitions
  • Walk to halt and halt to walk transitions
  • Practise halting by the mounting ramp/block/lift
  • Turn left and right across the arena.
  • Stop near any equipment you may be using e.g. post-box